Event Schedule

The event with Ashley Wagner will take place on Sunday, September 24:

Ashley Wagner
Sunday, September 24
(9:00 am – 2:00 pm)
161 East Hanover Ave
Morristown, NJ 07960
Each fundraiser may bring up to 2 parents to the event.  Each fundraiser raising $250 or more may bring ONE ITEM to be autographed by Ashley.

Below is an outline for the event day on Sunday, September 24.

If you earned an extra guest, the extra guest will receive all incentives up to the $500 level, can watch the clinic(s), will meet Ashley for pictures and an autograph and attend the Q&A.

Your name will appear under all contests that you have won. If you have any questions, please use the Contact tab.

The following people have won an extra guest: Tova Shafran, Jenna Kilpatrick, Julia Carbone, Kiersten Rock-Torcivia, Lucy Gioioso, Josephine Locricchio, Mia Cutaia, Dalila DeLaura, Devyn DeLaura, Elizabeth Schroeder


9:00 am-Greeters-Sophia Appelbaum*, Devyn DeLaura*, Dalila DeLaura*, Julia Carbone, Antonio Monaco, Kiersten Rock-Torcivia

9:05 am-on-ice group photo with all fundraisers raising $125 or more-

9:10 am-SCOM fundraisers group photo-

9:15 am-Get Framed Photos-Logan Bradey, Elizabeth Schroeder, Giuliana Verrone, Jenny Petitto, Alyssa Rivera, Olivia Donayre

9:25 am-Clinic with Ashley for everyone raising $125 or more-Please check back for your group number

10:10 am-5 private minutes on ice: Elizabeth Schroeder

10:15 am-Private Skating Clinic-Angela Gonzalez, Jenny Petitto, Kiera Duffy

10:30 am-Private Skating Clinic-Jessica Kaplan, Julia Carbone, Lila Pilkington, Ava Pilkington


10:45-11:00 am-BREAK

11:00 am-Private meeting off ice for all raising $3,000: Tova Shafran, Lucy Gioioso, Mia Cutaia, Jenna Kilpatrick

11:10 am-Perform solo-Olivia Donayre, Lucy Gioioso, Tova Shafran, Cammie Hestevold, Devyn DeLaura, Dalila DeLaura, Paige Greenstein, Jenna Kilpatrick, Antonio Monaco

11:45 am-Top 30 clinic-Check back after fundraising ends Wednesday, September 20 at 11:59 pm

12:15 pm-Pictures, autographs and Q&A

Pick up Get Framed photos

SELFIES: Angela Gonzalez, Grace Jenison, Mia Cutaia, Tova Shafran, Jenna Kilpatrick, Julia Carbone, Kiersten Rock-Torcivia, Lucy Gioioso, Josephine Locricchio, Devyn DeLaura, Dalila DeLaura, Elizabeth Schroeder, Cammie Hestevold, Samantha Meyer

CERTIFICATES OF FUNDRAISING: As of September 21: Tova Shafran, Jenna Kilpatrick, Julia Carbone, Kiersten Rock-Torcivia, Lucy Gioioso, Josephine Locricchio, Devyn DeLaura, Dalila DeLaura, Elizabeth Schroeder, Cammie Hestevold, Mia Cutaia

YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME photo: Elizabeth Schroeder, Alyssa Rivera

SNAPCHAT: Devyn DeLaura, Dalila DeLaura, Abigail Wolkow, Jenna Kilpatrick, Josephine Locricchio, Julia Carbone



1:00 pm-VIP Meet & Greet-Milana Marino, Julie Carbone, Jenna Kilpatrick, Tova Shafran, Josephine Locricchio, Mia Cutaia, Kiersten Rock-Torcivia

1:15 pm-5 private minutes- Jenna Kilpatrick

1:20 pm-Lunch with Ashley for the TOP 10 overall fundraisers:

1:45 pm-Official event photo for fundraisers raising $3,000 or more: Tova Shafran, Jenna Kilpatrick, Lucy Gioioso, Mia Cutaia

POSTCARDS FROM ASHLEY: Tova Shafran, Jenna Kilpatrick, Julia Carbone

Register TODAY and raise $125 to attend a skating clinic with Ashley Wagner at The Skating Club of Morris, NJ on Sunday, September 24! Register here